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It doesn’t matter if you are cramped over your dining room table, in your bedroom or frankly stuck in the shed – with the right tools, you can create a comfortable, ergonomic home office setup. 

There has been lots of ‘lessons learnt whilst from working home’ articles focusing on how to stay productive and keep your mental health in check. One of the best things I have done since working from home, is invested in my home office set up. Investing in my own office equipment has paid off hugely in the long run.

Focusing on how to keep sane working form home is all well and good, but if your getting a sore back and stiff neck it’s going to be pretty difficult to keep mentally fit. I’ve honestly spent hundreds of pounds over the past few years on improving my home office setup and these are the tools I wish I had invested in from the start.

The Home Office Toolkit

Best Home Office Toolkit - Reviews

Air Rise have made an affordable sit to stand desk converter which is of a high quality. Being given the opportunity to stand whilst working from home will make a huge difference to your posture and well being, especially after working from home for a few weeks. 


  • Affordable.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Available in black and white.


  • Heavier than more expensive models.

Our Number 1 Tip

Stand as much as possible! If you end up using a stand up desk converter it's worth checking out our tips on the best standing desk chairs.

Some of these purchases may seem a bit extreme… but the reality is it’s likely we’ll all be working from home for the next couple of months. Mentally, it’s going to be challenging. Physically, it will feel exhausting at times. If you can keep physically well over the next few weeks it will be easier for you to keep a focus on your mental health. 

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