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Some people prefer to stand at their desk rather than sit, which is how standing desks became a popular choice in many offices. You may be thinking that standing for eight hours a day sounds awfully uncomfortable, however they have been designed to prevent this and optimize your productivity. 

Many standing desks can be adjusted so you can find the perfect height for you, and if you feel like sitting for a day, you can by simply adjusting the legs. 

There are some studies indicating that sitting down for too long everyday can increase your risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, sitting for prolonged time frames prevents you from burning any calories, which can lead to obesity. 

Another benefit is that your posture is likely to improve if you use a standing desk rather than a sitting design, as there's less chance for you to slouch over. This can not only improve your posture but also reduce back pain, which is very common amongst office workers. 

However, it’s human nature to want to sit down rather than standing for hours at a time. To keep your productivity levels skyrocketing whilst using a standing desk, consider investing in a standing desk chair. 

These are stool-like perches that lean towards you, enabling you to rest on it when you need a break from standing. This is great for workers who don’t want to have to travel away from their desks in order to have a break from standing. 

Below we’ll be looking at five of the best standing desk chairs to help you improve your health and posture. Let’s dive in.

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Best Standing Desk Chairs - Reviews

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Flash Furniture boasts that it has been a trusted brand for over twenty years with over 35,000 five-star reviews, meaning it’s likely that this chair is one to stand the test of time. This chair includes a number of features to ensure your posture remains on top form while you’re taking a break from standing. 

The first is that the back tilts impressively far back to mimic your movements so you can find what’s most comfortable for you. The second being the built in lumbar support to help keep your spine straight and in line with your neck. 

Lastly, the padded armrests can be lifted up depending on whether or not you want to use them. Using the armrests can keep your spine aligned, but it’s nice to have the option not to use them. 

Another notable feature is that the seat cushion is angled down at the edge. This keeps your legs comfortable and prevents the dreaded dead leg tingles. Moreover, the back of the chair is covered in thin yet durable mesh to keep your back cool whilst working. 

The seat is tilted slightly downwards to keep you comfortable while maintaining a good posture. This also makes the chair great for using with a standing desk as you can perch on it if needed instead of fully sitting for short breaks.

This chair is also great to use with standing desks thanks to the adjustable height and wheeled base. You can choose from a wide range of colors to match this chair to your favorite color or the color of your desk.


  • Mesh backrest keeps your back cool whilst working in hot climates
  • Specially designed to keep your posture improving whilst sitting
  • Arm rests can be essentially removed if you don’t want to use them


  • A few reviewers found that their chairs broke after a few months to a year
  • The downward-tilted seat is not comfortable for everyone

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Learniture has designed this stool perfectly for standing desks thanks to the adjustable height. Once you’ve finished for the day, simply lower the seat and tuck it under your desk for a tidy looking office. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Learniture Learning Stool is the rounded base to give the stool a wide span of motion. This is helpful as you can lean on the stool as much or as little as you desire and it’ll adjust to your stance. 

Don’t worry about this slipping and you falling flat on your face, however as the base is made from secure non-slip material. 

As standing desks are all about promoting health and wellbeing, this chair encourages this with the backless design. This gives you nothing to lean back on as to keep your posture upright. This is designed to strengthen your core muscles, so you can get a tight tummy whilst working.

The seat is made from foam which is covered in vinyl material. Whilst this doesn’t sound the most comfortable thing in the world, standing desks aren’t meant for sitting so you won’t be needing to perch on it for too long. 

Moreover, this may actually help you in the long run as you may rather stand than sit on this small stool. The vinyl is very easy to clean and comes in either stylish black or vibrant red.


  • Rounded base gives a rocking motion to keep you focused and can follow you wherever you go.
  • Encourages you to strengthen your back and core muscles.

  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not as comfortable as a proper chair.
  • Vinyl isn’t the most breathable material so you may find the seat heats up quite quickly.

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Modway has designed this chair to be comfortable, supportive and stylish all in one. With an impressive height of 29.5 inches off the ground, this chair is sure to work with any standing desk you have. To adjust the height all you have to do is press a lever lightly until you reach your desired height. 

Similar to the other chairs on our list, Modway has covered the backrest of this chair with a mesh fabric which is super breathable and won’t make you uncomfortably hot or sweaty. You can also expect stellar lumbar support to keep your back and neck pain free with padded armrests to second this. 

However, these armrests can be folded up out of sight if you didn’t choose to use them. Around the adjustable pole is a chrome plated foot ring which can be used as a comfortable foot rest if you’re going to be sitting on this chair for long periods of time. 

The seat itself is nicely cushioned and covered with the same breathable mesh material. The end of the cushion tilts down slightly to prevent your legs being put under too much pressure while sitting on it for long periods of time. 

This chair can be adjusted almost any way you desire, making it an excellent office chair to use with your standing desk. What’s more is that it comes in four dashing colors so you can choose your favorite or whichever one will fit your office aesthetic.


  • Extremely sturdy and durable.
  • High quality wheels make moving around a breeze.

  • Adjustable footrest.


  • Doesn’t come with very clear instructions, making assembly harder than it needs to be.
  • Cushion is on the smaller side so won’t accommodate everyone. 

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Take a look at this chair - looks just like a normal office chair, right? Well, it can be used as a sitting office chair, but it can also be adjusted to be the perfect height for a standing desk. You can adjust this seat with a simple lever which you can also control the rocking motion with. 

Smugdesk has designed this chair with a unique mesh back to give you the most back support possible. The nylon frame is shaped specifically to again support your back and encourage proper posture to prevent back pain. 

There are also arm rests which can be adjusted for your personal preference, which can also help your spine to realign properly to prevent back pain and injuries. 

Alongside this, the base of five wheels makes it super easy for you to bring your chair closer to you when you want a break, or push it away when you’re back to standing. 

The base is 25 inches wide to create a stable foundation and prevent accidents happening at work - there’s no need for injury lawyers with this chair. These wheels work well on all fabrics, so don’t worry if you have carpeted floors. 

The seat is made from padding covered in mesh which helps to keep the chair cool when you’re sitting on it. The cushion is also decently thick as to keep you comfortable, but not too comfortable that you stop standing for long periods of time. 

This is a perfect design if you want to share your time somewhat evenly between sitting and standing, as it’s comfortable enough to sit on for a decent amount of time whilst your posture is still being worked on.


  • Adjusts reasonably high so you can use it well with most standing desks.
  • Intelligent design means your posture is still being improved whilst sitting.

  • Breathable material makes for an enjoyable sitting experience.


  • One user received their item broken.
  • Legs are made from plastic which isn’t the most durable material, metal would suit a lot of reviewers better.

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Another standing stool has found its way on our list, and with good reason. The SONGMICS Standing Desk Chair is specifically designed with a slightly bowed round cushion with a slight backrest to support your spine and provide you with a little more comfort when taking a break from standing. 

While the base of this stool is flat, the seat still has the ability to swivel and tilt in any direction. This means that you can perch comfortably on the stool without compromising your productivity. 

The large 16 inch wide base of this stool has a ring of anti-slip covering to prevent slips and accidents, meaning you can lean back on this stool without the worry of risking your health. This also protects the floor from scratches that wheels often create on hard surfaces. 

Moreover, when you stand back up from the chair, it will return back to its original position so you don’t have to worry about wasting time trying to find the seat when you want to sit back down. 

This stool is great for standing desks thanks to the easily adjustable height. To change the height of this stool, simply press the handy, hidden button on the downside of the chair until you reach your desired height. 

SONGMICS has upgraded this stool from their previous design, giving the seat a thickness of 3.1 inches as opposed to their previous 2.5 inch cushion. Anyone who’s used a standing desk and standing desk chair will agree that this is a big deal and will add tremendous comfort and value to the seat.


  • Many reviewers raved about how this stool helped keep their lower back pain free.
  • Improved design boasts a more comfortable cushion.

  • Anti-slip fabric on the base prevents nasty accidents.


  • Not the most comfortable chair on our list.
  • Some users had poor experiences with customer service. 

Best Standing Desk Chairs - Buyers Guide

Type of Standing Chair

There are three main types of standing chairs, each with different benefits and drawbacks. 

Drafting Chairs

This type of chair looks exactly like an office chair, the only real difference is that the seat can be adjusted to be super tall for standing desk use. As they include a backrest, armrests and lumbar support, you can sit on these chairs for longer periods of time as they’re as comfortable as a regular office chair.

The downside to these chairs is that they can be more difficult to get down from unless they have a slightly sloped-down seat cushion. 

Active Sitting Chairs

Active sitting chairs do exactly what they say on the tin - they allow you to remain active while taking a break from standing. Their dynamic design allows you to remain working your core muscles and keep your body engaged and productivity up. 

Unfortunately this means that you never really get a break from working with these chairs, potentially causing you to fatigue earlier. 

Leaning Stools

These stools can be used to be leaned on rather than fully sitting, keeping you focused on your work and less likely to take frequent breaks. These provide a short term relief of standing and aren’t designed to be sat on for hours.

This is because they’re not the most comfortable chairs thanks to their small and thin cushion design. There is also always the risk of them slipping underneath you. 


It’s important to get a chair that is going to be the right height for your standing desk. A large height capacity allows you to adjust your chair to suit your posture, movements and body type. 

Using a chair too short for your desk will be uncomfortable and give you less relief from standing, and you may not be able to reach your work while sitting. 

However, a too tall chair may cause you to slouch over and ruin your posture, causing back and leg pain which may affect your work day.

Comfort and Quality

Comfort is another important aspect to consider when looking for your new chair. If your chair isn’t comfortable, it’s not going to provide you the needed relief from standing that you’ll so desperately require after a couple of hours.

Without a comfortable seat you may as well be standing, so look for a reasonably thick cushion made of nice quality padding. You may want to choose a design with armrests to provide extra comfort.

Also look for a high quality fabric covering the cushion, as there’s not much worse than sitting on a chair covered in cheap fabric that irritates your skin all day. 

Another thing to consider is the durability of the chair. For example, the base should be made of durable material that isn’t going to snap or bend easily. The chair itself should be made of breathable materials so you don’t get hot while sitting, such as mesh and quality foam. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stools ergonomic?

Just like all chairs aren’t ergonomic, not all stools are either. If you’re looking for a stool with ergonomic qualities, look specifically for an ergonomic stool. There are thousands on the market to choose from, just make sure you know what you’re looking for the most and what features you could live without to narrow down your search.

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