Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

Sitting at a desk all day long can take a toll on your body, causing all kinds of aches and pains. However, the most common complaint that comes from people who are deskbound for hours at a time is a pain in their lower back.

This is usually caused by the lack of support that most office chairs offer for this delicate area of the body. Mix this with your spine being forced into an incorrect posture through badly designed frames, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  

But, there is a solution to this problem! An office chair that is designed to support your lower back, as well as ensure that you are in the correct posture and position as you go about your daily tasks will work wonders on your spine, and will even help support and ease any existing lower back pain you might be suffering from.

Finding the perfect office chair that will help with lower back pain can be a little bit confusing though. All of the different terminology and features may well leave you scratching your head, wondering which one is best for you. 

So, to take the hard work out of finding the best office chair for lower back pain, we’ve put together a collection of our favorites below, all of which will support your lower back, and further prevent and alleviate any existing pain.

We’ve also put together a useful buying guide that will explain some of the features a little further, and help you make sure you’re purchasing the best office chair for your individual needs.

Keep reading and pretty soon you’ll have all the information you need to find an office chair that will make back pain a thing of the past!

If you’re in a hurry and need a fantastic office chair that will help with your lower back pain, take a look at our top pick below.

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Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain - Reviews

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Designed with comfort in mind, this ergonomic desk chair from BestOffice has been specially created to allow you to sit with the perfect posture and reduces any pain or discomfort from occurring in your lower back.

The S-type ergonomically curved shaping of the back of the seat runs in line with the natural curvature of the spine, so you’ll feel supported throughout the day and won’t be forced into an uncomfortable position. Meanwhile, the armrests are positioned to support your arms as you work, and offer you a place to rest them without causing any hunching over or awkward sitting.

An adjustable tension control lever allows you to find the perfect position for your individual needs, and makes sure that the chair is kept securely fixed in your desired position throughout the day. There’s also a gas lift feature so you can find the perfect height, and 360º rotating wheels, allowing you to do more from your chair without having to lean over or get up. 

A thick padded seat ensures that you are comfortably seated as you work, and the breathable mesh back allows air to flow in and keep you cool, preventing you from overheating or becoming uncomfortable as you sit at your desk.


  • Specially created to provide you with a perfect posture whilst seated at your desk
  • Has an S-type ergonomic curved seat back to keep you supported all day long

  • Positioned armrest provide you with a comfortable place to rest your arms

  • Adjustable tension control, gas-lift and 360º rotating wheels allow you to find the perfect working position

  • Also features a thickly padded seat cushion and a breathable mesh fabric for comfort and increased airflow


  • Some customers noted that this chair doesn’t feature a reclining position, however this isn’t something that you would need in a chair for lower back support

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If you’re searching for an office chair that will help support your lower back whilst you work, then this ergonomic office chair with lumbar support from SMUGDESK could be exactly what you need.

Designed with support and comfort in mind, and featuring an ergonomic backrest created from strong, breathable mesh, you’ll not only feel fully supported throughout the working day, but will also be kept cool as you work thanks to its increased level of airflow.

Featuring a 125º adjustable rocking angle, and fully height adjustable up to 119cm, you can use the multi-function mechanism to find the perfect seating position and make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible at your desk.

This office chair also features comfortable armrests that offer you a place to rest your arms in line with the natural curvature of your spine, and a breathable, padded seat that provides you with ultimate comfort all day long. You can even do more from your chair without having to get up thanks to the 360º swivel wheels, making life all that much easier.


  • Features an ergonomic backrest with a lumbar support to provide support and comfort for your lower back as you work
  • Breathable, mesh panels allow air to flow through the back of the chair and keep you cool

  • A 125º rocking angle and height adjustability allows you to find the perfect working position

  • Comfortable armrests offer support inline with your spine as you work and as you take a break

  • 360º swivel wheels allow you to move comfortably around your workspace without having to get up


  • People that previously purchased this chair found it was a little tricky to assemble, but was worth it once complete

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This state of the art office chair from Duramont is full of features that will help support your back, provide comfort to any existing lower back pain and prevent any further discomfort from occurring.

The included lumbar support works in harmony with the recline feature to keep your spine well supported throughout the day, allowing you to find the position that is most comfortable to work in. The lumbar support is also adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect amount of pressure on your lower back, and holding it in place to support and prevent further pain.

The back of the seat is constructed using a breathable mesh fabric, which keeps you supported and also allows air to flow through to your skin, keeping you as comfortable as possible and preventing overheating.

This ergonomic office chair also features an adjustable headrest that will help keep your neck supported in place, adjustable armrests that provide you with a comfortable place to rest your arms and tilt tension. All of these features add up to make one amazing, easy to assemble, office chair that will provide you with ultimate comfort and support throughout your working day.


  • Features an adjustable lumbar support that allows you to apply the perfect amount of pressure and support on your lower back
  • The recline feature works alongside the lumbar support to provide you with the perfect seating position

  • A breathable, mesh fabric back allows air to flow through the chair and keep you cool and comfortable

  • Also features an adjustable headrest, adjustable armrests and full tension control

  • Really easy to assemble in eight simple steps


  • Some customers that previously purchased this chair found that the armrest were too narrow for anybody over 6ft in height

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Almost every single part of the Ergo3D ergonomic office chair from Nouhaus is adjustable to provide support and comfort, making it the perfect choice for anybody that suffers from lower back pain.

To begin with, the armrests glide forwards, backwards, up, down and rotate, allowing you to find the perfect resting position for your arms as you work. These work alongside the unique three dimensional lumbar support system, which has been designed to gently hug and caress your back whilst aligning your spine to reduce compression and pain.

Innovative ElastoMesh™ fabric lines the back of the chair to provide airflow throughout the day, keeping you cool and comfortable, and the 135º tilt feature gives you to the opportunity to further improve your seating position, or relicine back slightly if you need to take a break.

On top of all of these fantastic features, this office chair also uses dual castors that provide enhanced stability and manoeuvrability that glide smoothly and silent across the floor. There’s even five included spare wheels so you won’t have to spend any time sourcing replacements in the unlikely event something goes wrong.


  • Features fully adjustable and rotating armrests that allow you to find the perfect resting position for your arms
  • A unique, three dimensional lumbar support system hugs your lower back and prevents and compression or discomfort

  • Constructed using ElastoMesh™ fabric that provides airflow and breathability to keep you cool as you work

  • Uses dual castors that glide smoothly across the floor and offer enhance stability

  • Comes complete with a five year guarantee


  • Although fully adjustable, the arm supports are not padded and therefore don’t offer any added comfort in that way

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This reclining chair from HEALGEN doesn’t only offer comfort and support for anybody with lower back pain, but also offers a little touch of luxury thanks to the included massage lumbar pillow.

Designed to be placed and removed from the chair with ease, the massage pillow simply plugs into a USB port and powers up to provide comfort and gently eases away any tensions. And, when you don’t want to attach the massage pillow to the chair, the integrated lumbar cushion will still provide you with the support you need throughout the working day.

A padded, soft headrest pillow ensures that your neck is well supported as you work as well, and the adjustable seat height and tilt allows you to find the perfect, comfortable position for your individual needs.

High density, memory foam cushioning runs throughout the seat and back of the chair, and is covered with a highly durable, PU leather that is super comfortable and easy to clean. You’ll also be able to move smoothly in any direction thanks to the 5 castor wheels attached to the heavy duty base.


  • Includes a removable massage lumbar cushion that plugs into a USB port and helps relieve pain and tension
  • Has a large, integrated lower back support cushion that provides comfort and support throughout the day

  • A padded headrest helps keep your neck and head in place and an adjustable seat height lets you find the perfect working position

  • Features memory foam cushioning on the seat and throughout the back of the chair for maximum comfort

  • Five castor wheels give you the opportunity to easily move around your workspace without getting up


  • Although incredibly comfortable, this office chair doesn’t offer any breathability to keep you cool as you work

Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain - Buyers Guide

If you’re an office worker who suffers from lower back pain, there’s no doubt about it - you need an office chair that will provide you with support, keep your spine well aligned throughout the day, and be comfortable to sit on for hours at a time.

However, you also need to make sure that the model you’re looking at is suitable for your own needs. Below, we’ve outlined some key points that you need to keep in mind when you’re shopping around, and that will ensure you get the perfect office chair for lower back pain the first time around.

Lumbar Support

The single most important thing to look out for when you’re shopping for an office chair for lower back pain is what type of lumbar support it offers. This manifests itself in a few different ways, however each one will work wonders on supporting your lower back.

The most commonly used form of lumbar support is a padded cushion. This offers you a soft but firm place to rest comfortably, and also helps apply a gentle amount of pressure to your lower back which can help ease any existing discomfort. 

Some office chairs offer a lumbar support frame that can be adjusted and titled, which allows you to find the most comfortable level of support for your own individual needs. This is a really good feature to look for if you currently have lower back pain and need an extra level of support to keep your lower back in place.

Another feature that can be found in some office chairs is a massage function. This most commonly comes as a removable cushion that plugs into a USB port, and then uses built in motors to gently knead and massage your lower back whilst you work. This feature is fantastic if you feel the need for a little extra relief during the day, and the removability of it means that you don’t have to keep it as a permanent feature, needing only use it when necessary. 


The word ‘ergonomic’ is one that you’ll see regularly when you’re looking for an office chair for lower back pain. Put simply, a chair that has been designed ergonomically will have certain features that will keep your body and spine in alignment whilst you work. This can be found in a few different ways.

For lower back pain, any chair that has been designed with an S-shaped curved back is a good option to go for. This shape will keep your spin in it’s correct position throughout the day and will prevent you from hunching over, which can lead to a multitude of back problems.

Another ergonomic feature found on some office chairs is head and neck support. Remember that your spine runs all the way up to the base of your neck, so keeping your head in the correct position whilst you work will also help to prevent any lower back pain from occurring. 

Armrests are also another important feature to look for, and just as with your spin and neck, keeping your arms at the correct level in comparison to your back will make sure that everything is aligned and in the right position. Armrests also offer you a place to take the weight out of your arms whilst you’re typing, as well as somewhere to rest them when you’re taking a break.


Finding the perfect working position is key to making sure that your spine is kept well aligned and that you’re in the most comfortable position possible whilst sat at your desk. Without a doubt, the best feature to look for to aid you with this is adjustability throughout the chair.

First of all, the height should be fully adjustable to allow you to make sure your feet are placed firmly on the floor, and that your knees are at the right angle. Dangling your feet off the floor or sitting with your knees hunched up will create an unnatural curve in your spine, which in turn will lead to back pain.

If you can find a chair that offers a level of reclining in it as well, this can really help to take the pressure off your lower back and help you find the perfect position for working in. Bear in mind, however, that reclining too far back will cause some tension in your neck, making your spine misaligned. Therefore the recline level doesn’t need to be any more than 135­°.


The material that your office chair is made of will not only aid with supporting your lower back, but will also ensure that you’re kept as comfortable as possible as you’re working. You normally have a couple of options to choose from here.

Most office chairs are now designed with mesh backs. This material is strong so can keep you well supported, but is also pliable enough to mold to the contours of your body and ensure that you’re comfortable. One of the most amazing things about mesh, however, is it’s ability to allow air to flow through the chair and get to your body. This means that you’ll be kept nice and cool throughout the day, and won’t get overheated, sweaty and uncomfortable.

Memory foam is another popular material used in office chair construction, and is usually covered with PU leather. Memory foam is designed to support and provide comfort, however the leather covering does not provide the same level of breathability as mesh. It is very easy to clean though.


When you suffer from lower back pain, it’s important to try and stay in the same position as much as possible in order to heal and prevent further discomfort. So, to make sure you’re not getting up too regularly, it’s a good idea to look for an office chair that has wheels.

This will offer you manoeuvrability across your work space, and will also prevent you from overreaching for paperwork or folders on your desk. Wheels and castors will allow you to glide smoothly from one end of your desk to the other, as well as allowing you to get closer or further away from your desk without having to push or pull your chair with force. 


Office chairs that specialize in supporting your lower back can be an expensive investment, so it’s a good idea to set yourself a budget before you begin shopping around. Look for all the features we’ve outlined above, and you’ll be surprised at what you can get for a reasonable price.

Also keep an eye out for a warranty or guarantee. Some office chairs are guaranteed for up to five years, which doesn’t only give testament to their durability, but also keeps you covered for a replacement in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best office chair for lower back pain?

There are a few features you need to look out for when you’re buying an office chair for lower back pain. It should offer you good lumbar support, be ergonomically designed, and have adjustability running throughout. Take a look at our buyer’s guide above for a full list of all the features a good office chair for lower back pain should have.

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