Best Office Chair for Back Pain

If you spend a lot of time in an office sitting behind a desk, then ensuring that you have a comfortable chair is a top priority. It is even more important if you suffer with back pains as working in an uncomfortable environment can often worsen these pains.

There are so many different office chairs on the market that knowing what one is going to be the most beneficial to you can seem confusing. If you suffer with back pains you will want a chair that is going to support your posture.

We have done the hard work for you and selected our top picks of the best office chairs for back pain. Following from this we have also created a buyers guide where we talk you through our top tips for finding the best chair for you. 

If you're in a hurry, then we have selected our top pick for you below. 

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Best Office Chair for Back Pain - Comparison Table


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Best Office Chair for Back Pain - Reviews

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Our top pick is this ergonomic desk chair from the brand Best Office. At an excellent price this chair is sure to provide you with the long lasting comfort that you need. The adjustable lever easily allows you to raise or lower the height to the most comfortable position and once you have done so the chair then locks into place to maintain this position and ease the strain on your back. 

The S type ergonomic design is structured to effectively withstand the pressure of the vertical vertibra and as a result you can spend your time working in comfort. 

You will find that the back of this chair is made from a mesh material for increased breathability, you can work in comfort even when it is warm as the mesh keeps the cool air circulating around your back. 

This chair is easy to assemble and comes with clear written instructions so you do not have to spend ages trying to put it together.  Give yourself around 10-15 minutes and this chair will be ready to use. 

There is also peace of mind knowing that this chair comes with a 90 day warranty, if you find yourself experiencing any issues, there is always the opportunity to return it and there is also  a support team that can help with any other problems. 

This office chair is available in a range of colors, a sleek addition to any office environment.


  • The armrests which provide you with added support and comfort.
  • There is a 90 day warranty so you can return the chair if you find yourself experiencing any issues. 

  • It  comes with ergonomic support which is great for those who suffer with back pain. 

  • It is very good value for money for an ergonomic constructed office chair. 

  • Raving reviews show that customers have found this to be very comfortable and sturdy.


  • The armrests may be too low for some people resulting in them sitting uncomfortably.

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Our next choice is the Duramont Ergonomic adjustable office chair. As well as being manufactured with ergonomic support it is built with adjustable lumbar support too. There is also a recline option, which allows you to find the most comfortable position for you. 

A nice feature of this office chair is the adjustable headrest which you can alter the height and angle of; maintaining the correct posture of your upper body is important too.

The armrests are also adjustable so you can either lift them higher or set them at a lower position; either way you aren't left to sit with your arms in a position that you find uncomfortable. 

The breathable mesh on the back of this chair is ideal for those who often find themselves working in warm environments; this material keeps the air circulating helping to keep your back cool.

The backrest of this chair is even adjustable too, you can either tilt the chair back to a slightly reclined position or you can opt for a straight, upright position. The lever also enables you to alter the height of the chair, ideal for people of different heights. It’s fair to say that duramont has included all of the adjustable features that you could possibly need in a good office chair. 

Impressviely you can try this chair out for 90 days and if you don't like it or you experience any issues with it then you can return it.


  • It has both ergonomic and lumbar support which will provide your back with plenty of support
  • The range of adjustable features mean that you are more than likely to find a comfortable position to sit in.

  • As the headrest is adjustable this chair is ideal for people of different heights as it can be made shorter or taller. 

  • The cushioned seat is soft but firm which is good for easing those back pains as you are sitting on a sturdy surface.

  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Some found the lower back support to be too firm due to the cushion positioned against a tougher material. 

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We have selected this ergonomic adjustable leather padded chair by AmazonBasics as our next pick for you. As the name suggests this chair is constructed with ergonomic support and a padded seat to provide you with all day comfort. 

It has sturdy armrests so you can sit comfortably without sacrificing the comfort of your arms and this also helps to maintain a good overall posture . The pneumatic seat control lever means that you can easily adjust the chair to the best height for you. 

This chair has a 250 pound weight capacity and is available in three different colors making it a nice addition to any office area. 

The dual wheel casters allow you to move smoothly around your office.


  • It has ergonomic support and a cushioned seat so you are guaranteed to be comfortable while you sit in this chair.
  • It is a really good affordable price. 

  • It is easy to assemble; you don't want to be spending hours trying to figure out how to put your chair together. 

  • It is sturdy and professionally designed making it ideal for fitting into any office environment without looking out of place.


  • As it is all over leather it may get warm quickly in the warm weather

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Next up we have selected the Furmax office chair and this impressively comes with both ergonomic and lumbar support so you will be experiencing maximum comfort while sitting on this chair. 

It is nicely designed with a mesh backing which is a lot more breathable, especially in warm weather, as it keeps you cool and you don’t have to worry about being too warm or sweating. 

The thick padded seat provides added comfort and extra support particularly to your lower back; sitting directly on a thin or poorly padded chair is likely to leave your lower back in discomfort. 

The lumbar support ensures that your back has constant support. Also this chair has been designed with a wing style back, which again optimises comfort by positioning your back at more of an angle. 

The pneumatic controls allow you to adjust the height of this chair and recline it to if this is something that you would find more comfortable.


  • This chair has both lumbar and ergonomic support to help which is great for helping with back pain when you are sat down.
  • It's excellent value for money particularly with all of the features that it offers. 

  • The 360 degree swivel wheels allow you to glid along your office floor with ease, ideal if you do not want to be getting up and down from your chair to go and reach for things.

  • It is constructed with good quality materials. 

  • It's lightweight which some people may prefer.


  • The seat is a little on the smaller size so may be a little uncomfortable for those who prefer a more spacious seat.

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Finally we have selected the ergonomic office chair with lumbar support by Smugdesk and its combination of many adjustable features make it a great final pick. 

First off this chair has an ergonomic backrest, the answer to all of your back problems. Combined with the lumbar support this encourages you to maintain a  good posture while sitting comfortably.cmfortable position for the amount of time that you find yourself sitting on it. 

Similarly to the other chairs we have mentioned, this one is also designed with a mesh back rest. It is breathable and keeps the chair well ventilated. This ensures that you aren’t left feeling too warm or sweaty while you work.

Another nice feature of this chair is the chair cushion which is breathable too, not only is it made with thick and resiliant mesh padding it includes a high quality sponge too. This ultimately prevents the build up of body heat, helping to keep you sweat free but comfortable at the same time. 

It displays a range of multifunctional mechanisms too. As well as being able to adjust the height to make it higher or lower, there is also a rocking mode which gives you the opportunity to relax in your breaks if you choose. This chair can hold up to 250 lbs in weight. 

Another thing we like about this chair is the 12 month sale service that you are provided with; if you do find yourselves with any concerns there is support available to rectify these issues.


  • It's good value for money for an office chair with ergonomic and lumbar support.
  • The mesh material is great as it allows the cool air to keep circulating around your body. 

  • The structure of the chair means that your back is supported at all times. 

  • Customers who have purchased this office chair have credited its good quality.


  • The arms of this chair aren't adjustable which may not be ideal for those who like to position the arms of the chair themselves.
  • Some customers found this chair to be too small in size and therefore not very comfortable. 

Best Office Chair for Back Pain - Buyers Guide

Comfort is key when it comes to working in an office and if you find yourself sitting behind a desk for many hours at a time with few opportunites to move around, then comfort begins with finding a good office chair. We've created a guide below with all the different features that make a good office chair which is good for back pain.  

Ergonomic Control and Lumbar Support

These are essentially the most important factors of an office chair that is going to provide you with good back support. Spending long amounts of time sitting at a desk on an uncomfortable office chair is going to have quite an impact on your back and your posture. If you already find yourself experiencing back issues then ergonomic control and lumbar support are super important. 

Ergonomics refer to products that are designed to provide the maximum amounts of comfort to a variety of individuals. These products will be designed with some adjustable parts to enhance maximum comfort while you are sat down. These chairs aim to support your posture and lumbar region while you are sat. 

Lumbar support refers to furniture that is designed to provide extra support to the lumbar region. It works to keep the spign alligned to its natural curvature. This furniture also helps to prevent the back muscles from over taxing themselves. 

Adjustable Features

The majority of office chairs tend to come with lots of adjustable features to ensure that you are sat comfortably. All will come with levers so that you can increase the height of the chair or decrease it lower to the floor. 

You can get an adjustable tilt function which allows you to alter the position that you are sat at. You may choose to sit more upright or more reclined. Also arm rests. You may not think it but this has a really big impact on your posture too, for example if the arm rests are very low down and you find yourself having to stretch more to reach them then this is ultimately going to result in more pressure being put on your back. Having armrests that can be adjusted to a comfortable position is going to make a really big difference. 


Some people may find particular materials more comfortable to sit on than others. For example, you can get chairs made out of fabric upholstery and others made from leather. Some may find chairs manufactured using a certain one of these materials to be more comfortable than the other. We would recommend that you invest in a chair with a good padded cushion to sit on and also a sturdy back. 

Waterfall Edged Seats

Another nice little feature is a chair designed with a waterfall edge. This simply means that the outer perimeter of the chair at the front is slightly angled to allow your legs to sit more comfortably. This is useful for those with back pains becuase it takes the strain off your legs and leaves your back feeling more relaxed as a result. 


When it comes to buying an office chair it is handy to have a budget in mind of how much you are happy to spend. If you don't then you may find yourself splurging a lot on a chair and then regretting it in the long run. Some people may choose to invest in an expensive chair while others may want to invest in a cheaper one. If you are likely to be sat for long periods of time then it is worth investing in a more expensive one as this is likely to provide you with more comfort and back support. However do not worry if this is not the case as you can get some good quality office chairs for as little as $60. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sit in an office chair to avoid back pain?

Sitting in the correct position is going to have a massive impact on improving your back pain. It is important to ensure that you sit with your back against the back of the chair so you can get the best out of the back control. A cushioned back is also beneficial as this encourages an arch in your back instead of slouching when you become tired. 

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

If you suffer with back pains then yes an investment in a more expensive office chair is most definetely worth it. It is especially important to purchase an ergonomic chair with lumbar support because this gives you all of the support that you need and these can be a little more expensive. However, as mentioned above if you are on a budget then there are some impressive cheaper options available too.

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