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Your choice of gaming chair is probably the most important seating decision you’ll make, since it not only needs to be comfortable like any old sofa, but it also needs to support your posture, allowing you to bring your A-game. 

You don’t often have to think about how well deck or dining chairs will complement your on-PC performance, but this is one of the main draws of a gaming chair since they’re ergonomically designed to promote good posture whilst keeping you as close to the desk as possible, and all whilst keeping your back and buttocks comfortable.

So do your body a favour and get a chair that will support you through your gaming endeavours for hours on end. We have five examples below that you can take a look at and, if you’re unsure how we’ve ranked these products, there’s a buyers’ guide where you can see which properties we thought make one chair superior to another for gaming.

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Best Desk Chair for Gamers - Reviews

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The first chair we have is one that was developed in cooperation with professionals in the ESports industry, the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair. You can see the results of this with the Hero edition’s ergonomically designed lumbar support and backrest, which are also both adjustable to fit the body type of most people. On either side of these back supports are also flexible 4D armrests that don’t restrict your arm movement, allowing them a wider range of movement.

Like any self-respecting gaming chair, it has a sophisticated rocking mechanism that lets you lean back, giving you more control over the chair since you can shift your center of gravity easier, and it’s also good for lounging. At its max, it can support a weight of up to 330lbs because of its solid steel frame, so it should be able to seat the overwhelming majority of people.

The seat itself is manufactured with one of two leather types, the choice is yours, with those options being either cheaper PU faux leather or high-quality real leather. These are stretched over forgiving cold-foam upholstery and, whichever one you choose, the chair is adorned with attractive diamond-stitching patterns and Noblechairs’ crown iconography that adds a subtle but stylish finish to the chair. It’s also available in multiple colors to appeal to everyone.


  • The Hero edition is ergonomically designed with extra lumbar support.
  • Flexible 4D armrests don’t restrict your arms and enable them a wider range of movement.

  • Sophisticated rocking mechanism allows you to lean back when relaxing.

  • Suited for loads of up to 330lbs thanks to its solid steel frame.

  • Manufactured with premium materials such as high-quality leather and PU-leather.

  • Adorned with diamond-pattern stitching and pleasing iconography.


  • The headrest pillow is positioned quite high.

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Second in this list is the Homall Gaming Adjustable Swivel Task Chair, a product that holds the esteemed position of being Amazon’s number one bestseller for the “video game chairs” search term. 

The chair is made with a foundation of thick, steel frame and high-density shaping foam, the first of which makes this chair sturdy whilst the second ensures that it’s comfortable and only gets more comfortable with time. All of this is wrapped up with PU leather which, when combined with your choice of the seven colors available for the chair, makes this product look like the real deal for a very affordable price.

Beneath the chair itself is a class three gas lift that’s verified by the SGS standards, being able to carry a maximum weight of 300lbs with help from some of that steel frame. It also has rubber casters that have been tested by rolling the chair for 1,000 miles, and the wheels are capable of rolling in all directions so you can move around your desk, and the room at large, at will.

The chair can also swivel 360-degrees, allowing you to turn in any direction without disturbing your gaming experience too much. We just wouldn’t recommend spinning 360 degrees if you’re operating with wired peripherals, like your headset.  It can also rock, going from 90 degrees to 150-degrees depending on your center of gravity and the adjustable setting that the seat has been put in.

You can also adjust the height of the seat, too, so this chair can not only accommodate people of most weights but also accommodate people of most heights. Since the Allen key is part Allen key and part screwdriver, it can take a lot of twists to use it properly, and so some have suggested having your own key handy.


  • Made with high-density shaping foam, thick steel frames, and PU leather.
  • Class-3 gas lift is verified by SGS and can carry up to 300lbs.

  • 90 to 150-degree adjustable rocking function makes the seat springy to sit in. 

  • 360-degree swivel and multi-directional wheels make manoeuvring in this chair a breeze.

  • Height of the seat is adjustable.


  • The Allen key that this chair comes with makes assembly tedious.

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At the midpoint of our list is the OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair, a popular and affordable gaming chair that’s perfect for those of you buying with a budget. Just because it’s a budget option, that doesn’t mean you don’t get quality with this product, the chair’s upholstery looking great with a racing aesthetic. It’s made with SofThread Leather, the scraps of leather that have been bonded and cooked with adhesives to create a quality end product.

It can’t bear as much of a load as the first two chairs in this list, being able to withstand 275lbs of weight before any problems can occur, but you can rest assured that the chair will seat most comfortably and last long enough to get your money’s worth. If you are in the weight limit but you’re worried about your height, then you should be pleased to know that the chair height is adjustable so you can find the right fit for your body.

Most of the comfort that you get out of this chair comes from the contoured segments that made up the body of this product. These are padded, with even the arms having padding to cushion you wherever your body connects with the seat. Those arms are also able to be tilted up so that they’re out of the way, freeing up your arms for more movement during tense engagements.

The back of the chair never quite reaches a vertical position, always being five or so inches away. This may not be so bad for some but can be distracting for others, especially since the back isn’t one of the adjustable parts of this product.


  • Upholstered with premium SofThread Leather.
  • 275lbs weight capacity guarantees long-lasting use.

  • Contoured segment padding and padded arms provide comfort.

  • The arms can be tilted up to get out of your way.

  • You can adjust the chair height to work best with your own.


  • The back of the chair isn’t very vertical in its resting position.

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Our next gaming chair we have to show you is the GT OMEGA PRO XL Racing Gaming Chair, a mid-range chair that’s durable yet lightweight thanks to its steel tubing frame and aluminium star wheelbase. This means that while it can support up to 330lbs of weight, which should be more than enough for the majority of you, it isn’t too heavy to pick up and move at only 70lbs.

The seat itself has been orthopaedically designed to be deep-sided, describing itself as body-hugging with the way that it cushions your back and sides. Headrest and lumbar pillows are included, with the headrest pillow being removable if you’re more comfortable without it. This design is covered with a reinforced PVC material that makes it great for those who want comfort and longevity in their chair, if you’re anticipating that it’ll face a lot of punishment.

Beneath the seat, you have a gas-spring cylinder that’s able to adjust the height of the chair to fit most gamers. It also gives you control of the tilt and tension of this chair, so you can tune it to your preferences.

With that aluminium wheelbase, the individual wheel legs are closer together than most other chairs, which restricts your feet movement. You can easily fall into the trap of keeping your knees very close together, which can feel uncomfortable.


  • Durable yet lightweight with a steel tubing frame and an aluminium star-shaped base.
  • Orthopaedically designed with a body-hugging design.

  • The height-adjustable gas spring cylinder allows full tilt and height control.

  • 330lbs maximum weight capacity.


  • Wheel legs are close together, which can restrict your feet movement.

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The final gaming chair in this list is the cheapest, the IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair. It achieves its lower price point by using a solid steel frame with faux leather, both of which not only drive down the price but make this product durable at every stage of its construction. The armrests are also sturdy, being fixed but not too hard on your arms since they’re covered with sponge that cushions your forearms.

For a budget option, this chair can accommodate a very wide variety of people thanks to the fact that the height is adjustable via a pneumatic lifting mechanism built into the chair. Not only that, but the five-armed wheelbase at the bottom of the chair carries approximately 330lbs in weight too, so it should be ample for the majority of people.

That gas lift, however, has been said to lower itself during use and so may need the occasional adjustment to keep it to your liking. The reclining system also isn’t very adjustable like some of the other products on this list, with you either having full reclining capabilities or none depending on your setting.


  • Made with a durable steel frame and high-quality faux leather.
  • A pneumatic lifting system allows you to adjust the height.

  • Fixed armrests are made with durable sponge to cushion your forearms.

  • Sturdy five-star wheelbase carries about 330lbs.


  • Gas lift occasionally drops when sitting on it.
  • The reclining system isn’t as robust as other products.

Best Desk Chair for Gamers - Buyers Guide

How to choose the right gaming chair

To find the right desk chair that can be used for gaming, you’ll want to look for chairs that are comfortable and can support someone’s back and shoulders for hours on end, all without encouraging poor posture and discomfort. This is a lot to balance, so it’s no shock why gaming chairs can get away with price points of three figures, but you’ll be thankful to know that most of ours are relatively affordable.

This buyers’ guide has broken down the functions of these chairs into three main categories, those being the chairs’ comfort, durability, and adjustability. By reading into these below, you can identify positive features that chairs have and use that knowledge to guarantee a satisfying purchase.


Comfort is fairly self-explanatory, but it’s an important property to get right in the chairs if you live a sedentary lifestyle. In this section, we’ll also be talking about the aesthetic of the chair and how it looks. You can’t gauge the comfort of a given chair through a computer or phone screen, that much is a given, but there are ways to have an idea of how comfortable a chair is. Generally, higher price points translate into how much padding you’ll get, but there are exceptions to that rule.

Reading customer reviews is another great way to see, especially since negative reviewers may not like the way a certain chair adjusts but, if a chair is uncomfortable, they’ll definitely let you know. Look at the description to see if they have lumbar and back support, usually in the form of cushions that protrude from the chair frame for maximum cushioning, and having a chair with padded arms is preferable, too.

Some chairs will advertise based on their body-hugging shape, which is when the sides curve in on you. Some find this restrictive to them, especially if they’re of bigger builds, but those that fit snugly into them can find a lot of comfort with these.

It’s very subjective, but most chairs fit for gaming will have some degree of brand personalization on them, whether that’s as obvious as their logo or just some superficial design features. You’ll most commonly see brightly colored racing-style gaming chairs, or chairs with a more muted design that will have certain stitching patterns and/or a brand-identifying logo on them. Which style you go for is entirely up to you.


As discussed above, gaming chairs often accompany sedentary hours spent at the computer, during which your chair will be under pressure and, if you’re the restless type, will face a lot of tilting and turning. You want a chair that can do all of this whilst accommodating your weight and allowing you to move freely without it breaking.

Your chair should support weight between 275lbs to 330lbs, though you can find chairs that go above and below these. We recommend this range because it should be able to accommodate most people. The frame construction of these chairs dictates how much of a load they can bear, with frames coming in solid steel, steel tubing, and/or aluminium. We think it’s good to have a combination of hollow steel and aluminium parts since they allow for as much weight capacity as you need without being too heavy to move around.

The same can be said for the surface material, where “more” isn’t necessarily better since some polyurethane treated faux leather can be more durable than high-quality real leather, though even this varies between products. SofThread leather is also a relatively cost-efficient option that can take some punishment.


Chairs are adjustable in a variety of ways, but the main one people think of is how the chair can recline. Most product pages will be able to tell you the angles at which the chair can recline without you having to get hands-on experience with the chair, and if that information isn’t available in the listing then we’d move along. Even if you don’t plan on reclining much in your chair, you need some forgiveness in the back of your chair to add to its comfort.

Height adjustment is also a handy feature that allows gamers of all heights to enjoy some of the popular chairs out there, and this type of adjustment is usually built into the pneumatic gas-lift cylinders beneath the chair seat. Look for class three or four gas-lift cylinders since these are found on products that are high-end enough to have vertical adjustability.

Another movement-related adjustment is how far a chair can rotate, though you’ll find most will be able to rotate 360-degrees by default. This is fine, we think, since there’s no need to restrict such rotation as long as the chair isn’t slack enough that it rotates without your input.

The lumbar cushions we mentioned when talking about chair comfort can, with some chair models, be removed to accommodate different people using the same chair. This is handy but hardly essential, especially if only you will be using the chair. We’d say foldable, or otherwise adjustable, armchairs are more important since they allow you a wider range of arm movement, freeing up space for gaming performance.

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