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If you work in an office where your job involves sitting down for long periods of time, then you will want to ensure that you have a good, comfortable office chair with all the adjustable features that you need. 

You may think that a good office chair is going to come with an expensive price tag, however this is not the case. There is actually a good variety of affordable office chairs available that are ideal if you are working with a budget. 

We have browsed the market and found five of the  best budget office chairs. We have also included a buyers guide below where we have outlined all of our tips for purchasing the best office chair on a budget.

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Best Budget Office Chair - Reviews

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We have chosen the Boss Office products task chair as our top pick for you. Not only is it a great price, but it also boasts a range of  features to give you improved comfort too. 

The thick padded seat and back of the chair comes with built in lumbar support. This is great for giving you extra support in maintaining a good posture. It has adjustable back depth and the waterfall style seat is great for reducing the stress and pressure on your legs.

It’s an ideal choice that is suitable for people of different heights thanks to the pneumatic seat adjustment lever, this allows you to make the chair shorter or higher. If this wasn’t enough, this office chair also comes with double hooded wheel casters so that you can glide along your office floor with ease. 

The compact design of this chair means that it will fit nicely into any office space without consuming a lot of room. 

Impressively this chair is available in a number of different colours so it can look great in any environment. You can also get this chair with no arms or different styles of arms, which is great as some people may prefer a chair with no arms, while others may like to have arms there for added support.


  • It is a great priced office chair.
  • It is lightweight and moves around easily. 

  • This chair also has a 6 year warranty so there is peace of mind if you were to experience any issues after purchasing it.

  • It is quick and easy to assemble. 

  • Customer reviews show that they found this chair to be very comfortable even after sitting on it for longer periods of time,  in some cases it helped to ease back pains.


  • The adjustment lever which lifts this seat up and down is prone to getting loose, so may require tightening regularly.

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Our next pick is this low back upholstered office desk chair by AmazonBasics. This is a great budget option. 

This office chair has a thick padded seat to prodive you with the comfort and support that you need whilst you work. The back of the chair is designed with upholstered mesh. A mesh backed chair is a great option for those who often work in a warm office environment as it is nice and breathable and allows the cool air to travel to your back.

The pneumatic seat height adjustment controls allow you to set it to your preferred height and the curved contours of the seat help with keeping your posture aligned. This is essential if you find yourself sitting at a desk for a lengthy period of time. This chair means that you don’t have to sacrifice good posture for affordability, this provides you with both.


  • A great option for those on a budget.
  • It is nice and easy to assemble. 

  • It is durable and sturdily designed for long lasting comfort. 

  • Reviews show that customers were impressed with the quality and comfort of this office chair.


  • Some customers have experienced issues with the fabric on this chair tearing.

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Next up we have chosen the Flash Furniture mid back swivel office chair. This ergonomic office chair brings you great comfort thanks to the lumbar support, which lets you sit comfortably for long periods of time. It is also designed with a waterfall seat edge, this helps to relieve the pressure on the back of your legs. Basically this chair provides you with a super comfortable seating experience at a great price.

As well as providing you with lumbar support, the ventilated curved back is also great for airflow. This is because the mesh material allows  the air to flow through this chair freely, so even in warmer weather you can sit comfortably without having to worry about getting too warm and sweaty. 

This chair also boasts a number of impressive adjustment features. Not only can you adjust the height but you can also adjust the tilt resistance too; you can either lock this chair into an upright position or use the tilt knob to activate a rocking motion. 

This chair is available in a variety of different colors, so it can work well with any office color scheme.


  • It retails for a really impressive price for an ergonomic desk chair.
  • The lumbar support means that this chair is a great pick for those who suffer with back issues, as it provides your lower back in particular with the support that it needs.

  • The flip up arms mean that you can easily store this chair under a desk without them getting in the way. 

  • This chair is easy and quick to assemble. 

  • The reviews show that customers found this chair to be very comfortable even over long periods of time.


  • This chair is prone to becoming a little noisy after a few uses which some people may find distracting if they are trying to work.

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Our next choice is the Space Seating Professional Air Grid padded back eco leather seat. As well as being made from eco leather, the back of this seat is made from mesh which makes it nice and breathable, particularly on those warmer days when you need some cool air on your back.

This chair also comes with pneumatic seat adjustment controls so that you can set it to the height that is most comfortable for you. It also has 2-1 synchro tilt controls too. 

This office chair has a heavy duty nylon base, with oversized dual wheel carpet casters which means that you can glide around your office with ease. 

You will find that this seat has adjustable padded arms, a nice feature which provides you with that added comfort and support whilst you work.


  • It's easy to assemble so you don't have to spend a long time working out how to put it together.
  • The seat padding is sturdy but also comfortable too. 

  • It provides great support for your lower back so that you can work for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. 

  • Slightly more expensive than the other options but still good value for money in regards to the support and comfort that it gives you.


  • The material on the arm rests is a little prone to wearing and tearing after the chair has been used a few times.

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Our final choice is the high back multifunction office chair by Alera. This multifunction office chair provides all the adjustable features that you could possibly need. From the back angle adjustment to adjustable tilt and also a forward tilt.

This seat is also great for taller users too thanks to its 24 inch long back panel, which means that everyone can sit comfortably. 

The back of this chair is made from a mesh material which is great for allowing the cool air to travel to your back even when you are working in warmer weather. It also has a comfortable contoured upholstery seat cushion with a waterfall edge, which helps to relieve the pressure on the back of your legs. Great if you need a comfortable chair suitable for sitting on for a long period of time. 


  • It is good value for money and offers lots of comfortable features.
  • The adjustment controls are great for allowing different people to find the most comfortable seating position for them. 

  • The bottom of this chair curves slightly which is ideal for providing support to the lower back. 

  • It is easy to set up and assemble. 

  • Reviews show that customers were impressed with the comfort of this chair; especially taller people thanks to the height of the back of the chair.


  • Some customers who purchased this chair were not impressed with its quality, as the foam cushion began to sink after being sat on a few times.

Best Budget Office Chair - Buyers Guide

There are so many different office chairs available, some offering different features to others at a range of different prices. Sometimes it can seem hard to narrow it down and find one that is suitable for your needs but also budget friendly too. We've done the research for you however and have listed some features below that we would recommend you consider before making your purchase. 


A good office chair will have a range of adjustable features. Typically you will find that all office chairs come with a pneumatic height control lever, which allows you to raise or lower the height of the chair to the position that is most comfortable for you. 

Others may also come with adjustable neck and head rests, so that you can rest and recline your head and neck to a comfortable position whilst you work. Adjustable arms are also common as this allows you to sit comfortably without putting lots of pressure onto your arms. 

You will also find some office chairs with an adjustable tilt, this allows you to adjust the position of the chair to move forwards or backwards, finding the most comfortable option for you. 


The second thing to consider is comfort. This is probably one of the most important aspects of finding a good office chair and you don't want this to be sacrificed by the price, hence why we have included examples that bear your comfort and budget in mind. 

If you are going to be spending a lot of your time sitting in this chair then comfort is going to be a top priority. Different chairs will be made from different materials and you may find some to be a lot more comfortbale than others. 

The most comfortable office chairs are likely to come with thick padded cushioned seats and some will also come with ergonomic control and lumbar support. Not only does this make your chair super comfortable to sit on but this also provides support to your back.


The fabric of the chair is super important, what could be worse than sitting on a chair that gets warm easily and ends up leaving you feeling hot and flustered.

Ideally you will want an office chair that is made with breathable fabrics so that you don't feel hot even in the warmer weather. A lot of chairs come with mesh backs which are ideal if you often work in a warm office as they are breathable and allow the cool air to flow to your back.

You will also want to have a fabric that is strong and sturdy but also comfortable enough for you to be able to sit on this chair for long periods of time.

There are some office chairs that are made from leather and some that are made from fabric upholstery and you may find one more comfortable than the other. 

Lumbar support 

If you are somebody who suffers with back pains then you will want a comfortable chair with lumbar support that provides your lower back with all of the support that it needs. A must if you work in an office where you are sat down for a long time with few opportunities to get up and move around. 

We have included some examples above that come with lumbar support to show you the different types of office chairs that you can get on a budget. 


The last point and the one with the most importance to this guide is the cost of a chair. People may have different ideas in mind as to what counts as an expensive chair and what doesn't. Different people may also have different budgets in mind in regards to what they feel happy about spending on their office chair.

Purchasing a cheaper chair doesn't always mean that you are sacrificing the quallity, in fact there are some great budget options available that provide you with all of the comfort that you need. 

In this guide we have combined a variety of different chairs all within a reasonable budget to show you the impressive options that are available. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much should a good office chair cost?

The cost of office chairs can vary hugely, you may find some budget options for as cheap as $50 and others that are not far off $1000 or more. However, you do not need to spend hundreds of pounds to find a good option. Of course the more expensive options are likely to come with the more advanced features but you can still find a good office chair in a budget of around $200-$400.

Can I get a good budget office chair with ergonomic support and lumbar support?

Yes you can get a good office chair that provides you with this support. Some options may be slightly nearer the top end of budget but you can get some good options at cheaper prices too. Chairs that differ significantly in price may differ in the quality of comfort that they offer you, but this may also be something that is decided upon by personal preference too. 

We have included some good options above of ergonomic chairs with lumbar support too and they are very affordable and do not break the bank. 

Are expensive office chairs worth the money?

If there are specific reasons which mean that you require the features of an expensive chair then yes they are likely to be more beneficial to you. For example, if you suffer with bad back problems and require a chair with really good ergonomic control to give you all the support that you need, then that is likely to come with a more expensive price tag. However, if you do not suffer from these problems or require a chair with lots of different adjustment features, then there is no need to go spending lots of money as you can get this support from a cheaper chair on a budget.

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